As an education lawyer, I have seen a variety of cases. Some dealing with the teachers and the students, others dealing with the teachers and the administration. While we are able to find some middle ground in those particular cases, one problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution is the rapid increase in teachers leaving the classroom. Many people do not necessarily understand the struggle of a elementary, middle school, or high school teacher. They see it as a 9-to-3 job with long breaks and free summers. In reality, teachers deal with the incredible responsibility of educating our youth. The arduous and taxing task of teaching, in addition assimilating to the new educational standards, has begun to take a negative toll on the respected field. In addition, the lust of growing and developing our future leaders is not enough to keep these individuals in the classroom. This problem has even progressed dramatically in under-resourced under-privilege urban areas where the demand for high quality teachers is needed now more than ever. My question is what can be done? How can we impact the children in gaining the best education that they deserve?